Julia Grossauer

Beyond Closet 2015 S/S 
ลินคอร์นลิล่า มาแย้ว สิบปีเซวีน่า เลิฟๆ
It was my first time in my whole life that I had so many things to do. Although there were a lot to do in WIN as well, this is where I have to continuously make everything one by one and make a new creation so I was overloaded. I always want to make the results 100% perfect but in the process, I also get tired and it doesn’t come out well so honestly, that’s hard. Honestly, this is more like I can’t do anything about it rather than embarrassing. I want to come back to my original mental so I change my mind. But if I hold onto it, somehow it collapses again.

Kim Hanbin (B.I) on Mix & Match episode 3

Translation by KIMJ1WON

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